Hotel Housekeeping Procedure

An image of hotel living room - Housekeeping Standard Procedure

Hotel Housekeeping Procedure is a step-by-step set of work instructions and directives on how to perform each and every housekeeping task. This procedure is approved by management, and all housekeeping employees are obliged to follow them to guarantee constancy, accuracy, and quality. The housekeeping department plays a significant function in the hotel industry. One of … Read more

Guest Departure SOP | The Cycle Ends

An image of guest departure sop

Guest Departure SOP inspects different actions that take place during their checkout as well as on bill settlement. Check-out is done by the reception staff and other related departments like the point of sale, and room service among others. Guest account payment depends on an efficient front office bookkeeping system that keeps correct guest folios. … Read more

Hotel Operations SOP | Basic Etiquette

An image showing table set-up - Hotel operations SOP

Hotel Operations SOP refers to those administrative and functional processes that cut across all departments in the perimeters of the establishment. Many hotels are looking for huge design alterations to conform to the tastes of the current complicated guest’s demands. This means looking beyond the hotel premises and examining other building typologies. This will help … Read more

Maintenance SOP | Get It Right

An image of maintenance SOP

Maintenance SOP refers to a comprehensive list of step-by-step operating procedures that explains how to carry out asset repair and servicing. The maintenance department in a hotel provides and maintains a safe, systematic, and considerate operational atmosphere. This contributes to both guest and staff satisfaction. Read more Maintenance areas are responsible for maintaining the building … Read more

Seafood Restaurant SOP | Aquatic Cuisine

An image of prawns being served - seafood restaurant sop

Seafood restaurant SOP is documented step-by-step procedures that guide service delivery in eateries specializing in aquatic cuisine and cookery. This perception focuses on the preparation and service of fresh seafood. Besides, tends to refer to edible aquatic animals. There are numerous wider definitions of seafood, which refer to everything that emanates from the sea. These … Read more

Upscale Restaurant SOP | Luxury Experience

An image of upscale restaurant sop

Upscale restaurant sop is a state-of-the-art customer service offered in an official environment that is mostly sit-down dining with a fancy menu. Upscale Restaurants provide wine lists, and occasionally sommeliers, to assist with food and wine combination. Restaurant diners who take their servers are nothing but food taxis for ferrying food and empty plates to … Read more

Butler Service SOP | Magnificent Experience In Hotels

An image of butler service sop

Butler Service SOP is a signature experience offered to clients in a hotel room or on a cruise ship with tailored interest to your needs. The Butler name originally referred to the person is responsible for the wine cellar and served liquors. The terminology is derived from the Middle English ‘bottler’, as well as from … Read more

Fine Dining SOP | Exclusive Experience

An image fine dining service table setup

Fine Dining SOP refers to step-by-step procedures adopted by a hotel to provide an exclusive restaurant experience that is exclusive, and luxurious.  Fine dining eating places provide a maximum level of customer service. Guests look forward to a stylish atmosphere, expensive table settings, as well as highly-priced menus. Besides, they expect service providers to maintain … Read more

Bar Service SOP | Step By Step Procedures

An image of hotel bar service counter

Bar Service SOP refers to the counter on which the personnel place liquor and other drinks for bartenders to take to their clients. Every bar service has specialized bartenders, ice, and non-alcoholic beverages. On the other hand, alcohol selling bars also dispense beer, wine, juice, cocktails as well as condiments. Bar service personnel greet and … Read more

Banqueting Service SOP | Synopsis

An image showing banquet service table set-up

Banquet Service SOP refers to set standards adopted to cater for occasions, such as weddings, prize-giving ceremonies, and sports dinners among others. The Banquet service style depends on whether you are serving pre-plated food, self-service, or hors d’oeuvres. Banquet service sop is more complex due to the scope of the occasion or the size of … Read more