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Upscale restaurant sop is a state-of-the-art customer service offered in an official environment that is mostly sit-down dining with a fancy menu. Upscale Restaurants provide wine lists, and occasionally sommeliers, to assist with food and wine combination.

Restaurant diners who take their servers are nothing but food taxis for ferrying food and empty plates to and from the kitchen. However, they don’t comprehend the importance of servers to excellent food service and the largest dining experience.

The key to providing outstanding customer service in an eating place is establishing why you need customers. This provides an opportunity to match their inspiration with their products and service experience. The enchantment of services comes when teams have a comprehensive understanding of processes and anticipated levels of the outcome. This will generally assist in meeting and exceeding the expectations of customers. Check out similar articles.

Improving Customer Experience

An image showing restaurant setup - upscale restaurant sopThe management has the responsibility to be adequately staffed to ensure the customer’s experience is not compromised due to demanding schedules. The majority of people are grateful when the restaurant is full. Therefore, you should maintain high standards. If the food is taking too long to be delivered, provide a small signal by providing a complimentary cup of soup.

It soothes customer’s hunger allowing them to realize that they are not assumed. On the other hand, it is a simple way to work with the customer at the lowest cost. The most horrible thing to do is to leave the customer sitting there with a feeling that no one is apprehensive about their presence.

Upscale Restaurant SOP | Step By Step Operating Procedures

  • Acknowledge the customer within 30 seconds of arrival with eye contact, a warm friendly smile, and a verbal greeting.
  • Introduce yourself and identify the room number and number of customers. Request the favorite location in the dining area.
  • Show prepared tables for regular guests, those with reservations, and special parties.
  • Escort the customers to their tables, check location satisfaction, and pull chairs (ladies first).
  • Introduce the guests to their waiter within 30 seconds. The waiter briefs them on the theme evening highlighting active cooking and presents a wine list to the host.
  • Serve drinks/ aperitif to customers within 4 minutes of ordering. Serve all drinks together with the bill.
  • Escort customers to their table, check fulfillment, explain the breakfast menu and invite the guests to the buffet.
  • Clear crockery, cutlery, and glassware within 2 minutes once done with.
  • Serve additional drinks every time the glasses are ¼ full.
  • Check guest fulfillment 15 minutes after they start taking the main course.
  • Serve tea/coffee within 3 minutes after ordering.
  • Present the guests with the correct bill within 4 minutes of request. Present the bill in a bill folder and place it on the table.
  • Check customer security if the bill is charged to the room. The signature should be the same as the one on the key card.
  • Present the correct change/receipt back to the customer within 5 minutes in a clean bill folder. Immediately close and present the beverage bill to the guest for All-Inclusive guests.
  • Clear ashtrays with no more than 2 butts at a time.
  • Return the change within 5 minutes after paying.
  • Assist the customers with coats and bags on departure. Thank them and wished them an enjoyable day or evening.

The Bottom-Line

Every fine-dining restaurant service is the only one of its kind. However, all have little common uniqueness. With accurate attention to detail and outstanding service, they exhibit a top-notch experience. Whereas, today’s fine dining experience has developed, many features of the high-end experience remain unchanged. If you are determined to create an outstanding impression, you should master the above concepts.

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