Hotel Operations SOP | Basic Etiquette

Hotel Operations SOP refers to those administrative and functional processes that cut across all departments in the perimeters of the establishment. Many hotels are looking for huge design alterations to conform to the tastes of the current complicated guest’s demands. This means looking beyond the hotel premises and examining other building typologies. This will help you discover inspiring cues that will distinguish them from their competitors. Check out similar articles.

The following are the best practices in any hotel operations;

Personal Hygiene And Grooming

  • Employees should put on their name tags at all times for easy identification by customers.
  • Brand name tags with the hotel’s name as well as staff uniform across the group.
  • Staff must all the time be well groomed as well as wear clean uniforms at all times.
  • They should wear fresh and clean uniforms with no stains and creases. Read more

Hotel Operations SOP | Staff Behavior

  • An image of a receptionist attending to a client - hotel operations sopAcknowledge the customers with a smile while speaking clearly in a friendly manner.
  • Maintain eye contact, even in transitory, and acknowledge the customer with a smile.
  • Recognize the guests using their names, where applicable, in an ordinary and diplomatic manner.
  • Try and own guest’s straightforward requests and if required provide a solution.
  • At all times escort guests to their various areas of destination.
  • Avoid saying NO to the guests, in its place give an alternative resolution.
  • Never present any excuse to the customer.
  • When handling guest complaints or comments, pay attention calmly and honestly. Apologize for any inconveniences and accurately explain the action to follow. Thereafter, follow up with the process as soon as possible.
  • Display care and concern for the well-being and security of the guests.
  • Exhibit a great sense of individual integrity when dealing with guests, associates, and co-workers.

Handling Guest’s Call

  • Answer all calls within a maximum of 4 rings.
  • Callers should not be put on hold for more than 15 seconds.
  • Respond to calls with the applicable hotel phone greeting code.
  • For in-house calls, master the name of the guest and use it in the discussion.
  • Handle all calls with a smile in your voice.
  • Don’t interrupt the customer when he/she is speaking. However, listen and respond properly.
  • Go over the request or order together with exceptional requirements where appropriate.
  • Disconnect the telephone only after the customer has done so. Check out similar SOPs.

Hotel Operations SOP | The Bottom-Line

The preamble of Hotel Standard Operating Procedure shapes an impression of all operating processes as applied in hotels. This, therefore, forms the basis of all other procedures.

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