Emerging Business Models in the Hospitality Industry

Emerging Business Models in the Hospitality Industry

Emerging Business Models can be compared to a company’s architecture or as a methodical approach to using monetization techniques to unlock long-term wealth. While there exist other economies that facilitate commercial operations, discussions nowadays primarily center on the digital economy. A digital economy comprises many economic endeavors that rely on digitalized knowledge and information as … Read more

Future-Proofing Dining | The Role of Cutting-Edge Innovations

Future-Proofing Dining - The Role of Cutting-Edge Innovations

Future-proofing dining refers to a new era in guest services that is being ushered in by the rapid adoption of technology and robotics in the hospitality sector. Within the dynamic realm of hospitality, the incorporation of robotics is revolutionizing the eating encounter. In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, businesses must stay ahead of the curve … Read more

Technology in Hospitality | Creating More Innovative Guest Experiences

Technology in Hospitality - Machine Learning

Technology in Hospitality has become an integral part of our lives, revolutionizing the way businesses operate, including hotels and restaurants. No longer are guests solely relying on traditional amenities and services; instead, they are looking for experiences that extend beyond their expectations. To cater to the demands of tech-savvy consumers, hotels and restaurants are leveraging … Read more

Exploring Tax Tourism | A Journey of Adventure and Savings

Exploring Tax Tourism

Exploring Tax Tourism involves investigating the use of tourism taxes to control visitor flow and lessen the effects of excessive visitor numbers. The once-overrun tourist attractions are now experiencing a lack of visitors as the world continues to reel from the pandemic’s shocks. Many locations looked into tourism taxes in 2019 and the first few … Read more

Contactless Technology | Embracing Technology in the Hospitality Industry

An image of a connected desktop - contactless technology

Contactless technology such as mobile check-in, digital menus, and keyless room entry is being adopted with concerns about hygiene and social distancing. The hospitality industry has always been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to enhancing the guest experience. From online booking to mobile check-in, the industry has been quick to embrace technology … Read more

Enhancing Customer Service in Hotels

An image showing customer care staff - enhancing customer service

Enhancing customer service is significant for almost all organizations, and more specifically it is a key performance indicator in the hotel business. Therefore, the success of a hospitality business is mainly influenced by the level of customer fulfillment. When customers have an enjoyable experience, they might return in the future. Besides, they share their experience … Read more

Challenges Facing Tourism | An Overview

An image of Challenges Facing Tourism Industry

Challenges facing Tourism include taxations, travel promotions, safety, infrastructure, and cross border set of laws among others. The majority of tourism destinations are not ready for visitors. Tourists or travelers might at times implicate travel marketing as overstated. Another main challenge in the tourism industry is the unpredictable rates and cost increase. New challenges seem … Read more

Food and Beverage Standards | Documented Process

An image of table setup - Food and Beverage Standards

Food and Beverage standards refer to well-documented and organized operational tasks that are mostly focused on guest service delivery. This is important for potential and existing Managers looking for information on the technological aspects of operating procedures. Responsibilities and procedures are set in a rational series and broken down into small components. Besides, it gives … Read more

Guest Departure SOP | The Cycle Ends

An image of guest departure sop

Guest Departure SOP inspects different actions that take place during their checkout as well as on bill settlement. Check-out is done by the reception staff and other related departments like the point of sale, and room service among others. Guest account payment depends on an efficient front office bookkeeping system that keeps correct guest folios. … Read more

Guest Arrival SOP | The Check-In Process

An image of hotel facility front - guest arrival sop

Guest Arrival SOP establishes a welcoming atmosphere while enlightening guests on the available services and amenities. Therefore, guests ought not to walk away with emotions that their inquiries or requests are taxing to the front office staff. Instead, the staff must always show eagerness and gladness to assist. Thus, any issues raised during their occupancy … Read more