an image of green world hospitality blog - homeHome – Green World Hospitality Blog is a platform that promotes professional standards while rebranding operations to ensure consistency in service delivery. Hence, hotel investors should take a new direction in rebranding their operations to ensure consistent service delivery.

Our distinctive approach is designed to make Hotel operations clear. Besides, we emphasize the implementation of standard operating procedures as well as quality management. On the other hand, competition in the hotel industry is intense with the changing trends.

Similarly, the demands and preferences for customer satisfaction are dynamic. Hence, it is impossible to sit still and expect positive results. Therefore, to be the preferred choice in the market, one must constantly improve customer service delivery.

Overview of Hospitality Industry

Hospitality is the act of compassion in welcoming and taking care of the basic requirements of patrons. The hospitality industry is a wide group of enterprises that offer services to clients. The industry can be categorized into three essential areas: accommodation, food, and beverage, as well as travel and tourism. Hospitality belongs to the service industry. Hence, it mainly involves attending to client satisfaction as well as providing customer requirements.

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Hospitality Industry offers focuses on the organization of hospitality processes including hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, amusement parks, destination marketing companies, conference centers, country clubs, and other related businesses. As a field of employment, Hospitality Industry refers to managing hotels, restaurants, resorts, and any other institutions that are part of the hospitality fraternity. On the other hand, it involves those people who choose the hospitality segment as a career.

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The fact that the Hotel Industry plays a major role in the hospitality sector; they are classified based on key parameters.

Emphasis On Hotel Service Delivery Levels

An image of hotel room - room service sopBudget – a budget hotel has limited facilities at a lower average price per night. This is usually appropriate for low-cost travel for hikers and youthful people.

Luxury – Luxury is a mixture of amenities and style that no one can ordinarily experience at home. A luxury hotel is fashionable and characteristically costs more than standard accommodation.

Suite – a suite in a hotel refers to a class of magnificence accommodations, the important feature being multiple rooms. Suites provide several rooms, with additional space and furnishings than a standard hotel room. A suite has a living room as well as kitchen amenities.

Emphasis On Hotel Themes

An image of hotel themeBoutique – Small but restricted property that serves wealthy customers with an outstanding level of service at first-class prices. Characteristically boutique hotels are endowed in a themed, fashionable, and/or inspiring manner. Boutique hotels focus on providing their services in a relaxed, friendly, and hospitable environment.

Heritage – Heritage hotels refer to some old palaces, mansions, cottages, or other historical destinations that have been converted into hotels for visitors.

Ecotel – Ecotel is a new conception in hospitality that works for environmental protection and conservation. They reprocess things, request their customers to recycle towels, etc. All eco-certified hotels should go through a detailed assessment to satisfy severe criteria designed by environmental specialists.

Emphasis On Hotel Target Market

An image of success treeCommercial – Commercial hotel is transitory that serves business people by providing amenities for the displaying samples. Such hotels are mostly located in downtown areas where the majority of the business travelers live. On the other hand, it involves those passersby who require a place just for the night.

Resort – a resort hotel is characteristically in a vacation area, and mostly serves those on vacations, particularly on the seaside. Besides, it is a stylish hotel in an environment where scores of people patronage for leisure. Their main objective is to deliver services to their customers on-site.

Convention – Convention hotel provides amenities and services customized to fulfill the requirements of large group meetings as well as trade shows. Characteristically, they exceed 500 guest rooms with substantial quantities of function and banquet space. Besides, this facility is designed to cater for business shows as well as company events with enough conference and display amenities.

Whereas numerous characteristics of all these categories of hotels are overlying, the categorization has been done depending on key parameters to give a better comprehension of diverse kinds of hotels.

Sections Departments in Hospitality Business

Let us appreciate the diverse sections that run the whole Hospitality Business. These are the columns on which the theory of Hospitality is positioned.


This department is accountable for cleaning and maintaining hotel property including public areas, guest rooms, lobby, swimming pool area, etc. It works to satisfy guests working 24 hours to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. The main objective of this department is to give a pleasing and attractive look at the hotel facility.

Front Office

This is the section of a business where customers and workers work together. It is the most significant division in the hotel. The main role of this department is to provide a warm reception to the visitors. This is the first point of contact between guests and the hotel employees. It produces the greatest revenue for the hotel as it sells rooms to the customers.

Food and Beverage

It is a division that provides food and beverage to customers in a good-looking and pleasant manner that produces a good feeling on the customer. The food and beverage department is accountable for all of the dining rooms, restaurants, bars, kitchens, clean-up, and prerequisites.


This department offers basic utility services, electricity, hot water, and air-conditioning among others. Besides, it is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the equipment, fittings, and furniture in the hotel.

Health, Sports, and Recreation

The main purpose and intention of this division are to offer health and recreation to the customers. With the rising need to focus on health issues, scores of hotels have developed health gyms, spas, swimming pools, and sports. The endeavor is to offer a healthy atmosphere both to the customer and the workers.

Safety and Security

The security of visitors, staff, individual property, and the hotel itself is the principal concern for the hotel. In the past, the majority of security safety measures focused on preventing theft from visitors and the hotel facility. Nevertheless, today such brutal crimes as assassination and rape have become a major issue for some hotels. Regrettably, crime rates in the majority of major cities are increasing. Therefore, the security division focuses more on criminal activities.

The Significance of the Hospitality Business in Human Lives

The hospitality Business has developed greatly in the last few decades with more players in the private sector entering. This indicates that, increasing extent of many hospitality services and the engagement of different professionals. On the other hand, there is speedy career growth with plentiful money as well as freedom, in nearly every kind of hospitality service.

Good hospitality administration can also influence the image of the country as it shows the quality of the service. Internationally we must share best practices for training and development to make industry-sponsored learning programs more easily available to workers at each managerial level.

The hospitality Industry controls key tourists and trade markets by making sure that the tourists are energized bodily, invigorated mentally, ethnically enhanced, spiritually lifted, and eventually experience it from inside.

When an organization is looking for a place to expand its business, many variables are well-thought-out among which is the value of life. Quality of life is measured mainly by 3 factors: housing cost, education quality, and cultural amenities. The hospitality industry underpins those cultural amenities that other organizations find eye-catching. The hospitality industry plays an important role in these business connections. Corporations in the industry assist in enabling others to carry out business, therefore, fueling economic growth.

In order to enhance professionalism and service delivery in the hospitality industry, we have developed this blog. We believe, most of the questions on what has to be done have been addressed.

The Principle Of Green World Hospitality Blog

The main principle of this blog is for Hotel Experts to give advice to Hotel investors/Managers, In addition, this is in line with the DOs and Don’ts while creating a favorable work environment.

The Format

“Each hotel department is unique in terms of service delivery. Some of these standards repeat themselves throughout the hotel operations. Therefore, most of these standards have emerged as clear and compelling statements of service culture in hotels.

The Standards For Each Department Have Been Developed Keeping In Mind;

A flow of a sequential order of activities that a guest goes through in the course of his stay at hotels.

Creation of an exhaustive set of Standard Operating Procedures (SPO’s). In addition, it includes the “how-to” for achieving and conforming to hotel brand standards.

The ease of usage and understanding of these standards by all associates. Besides, this includes clarity on how to absorb them thoroughly.

The ability to use a mystery guest audit to ensure adherence and conformity to brand standards.

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This blog is not a substitute for a training manual or policy manual.

Standards operating procedures should be brief enough for each employee to memorize their actions in any given situation.

The standards operating procedures form the basis of performance evaluation based on self and external audits conducted periodically.

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In addition, the author has incorporated ancillary information that will help chefs to discover more about cookery. This appears in the category of ‘Recipes’. Above all, any other information that may deem important will be posted under the blog category.

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