Hotel Housekeeping Procedure

An image of hotel living room - Housekeeping Standard Procedure

Hotel Housekeeping Procedure is a step-by-step set of work instructions and directives on how to perform each and every housekeeping task. This procedure is approved by management, and all housekeeping employees are obliged to follow them to guarantee constancy, accuracy, and quality. The housekeeping department plays a significant function in the hotel industry. One of … Read more

Maintenance SOP | Get It Right

An image of maintenance SOP

Maintenance SOP refers to a comprehensive list of step-by-step operating procedures that explains how to carry out asset repair and servicing. The maintenance department in a hotel provides and maintains a safe, systematic, and considerate operational atmosphere. This contributes to both guest and staff satisfaction. Read more Maintenance areas are responsible for maintaining the building … Read more

Kids Club SOP | What To Consider

An image of kids enjoying photography sessions in a Hotel Kids Club

Kids club sop refers to the procedures that govern the operations within the children’s facility in the hospitality establishment. Hence giving their parents ample time as they enjoy themselves in hotels and hospitality establishments. Kids clubs resemble modern daycare facilities as it is currently known in the education sector. Kids clubs vary from a modern … Read more