An image showing banquet service table set-up

Banqueting and Meetings Service SOP

Banquet Service involves styles for huge catered occasions, such as weddings, prize-giving ceremonies, and sports dinners among others. The Banquet service style may be attributed to pre-plated food, self-service, or passed hors d’oeuvres. Banquet service is more complex due to the scope of the occasion or the size of the number of persons in attendance. …

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An image of Corporate team - Dealing With Colleagues

Dealing With Colleagues Successfully At Workplace

Dealing with colleagues successfully is the most important thing in ascertaining whether you will get the impact and authority needed to achieve your objectives. Regardless of your job or your place of work, dealing with colleagues successfully is mandatory for success. Therefore, dealing with colleagues productively on daily basis makes work more enjoyable and exciting. …

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An image showing staff evaluating employee engagement

Employee Engagement Evaluation

Employee engagement evaluation maps individual worker’s passions, inspirations, potentials, and the level to which they are being fulfilled. Nevertheless, this is something that many companies are time and again struggling to achieve. This article responds to the subject whether you would like to measure it on your own or engage a survey specialist. Besides, we jump …

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An image of unhappy customer - handling customer complaints

Handling Customer Complaints | Step By Step Procedures

Handling customer complaints is a serious concern that should be carefully dealt with from the front desk staff to bellhops and room service. Besides, even those complaints that look unrealistic are playing an important role in service delivery in Hotels. However, you should solve customer complaints by ensuring that the guests are happy as you …

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An image of hotel conventional service setup

Conventional Service | Inquiry SOP

Conventional Service refers to a meeting of larger groups of persons with specific objectives of discussing a particular subject matter. A convention involves getting together of delegates representing numerous clusters. Ground-breaking ideas are share during conventional meetings as well s the exchange of new information. Conference customers are the core business in most hotels and …

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An image of kids enjoying photography sessions in a Hotel Kids Club

Kids Club SOP | What To Consider

Kids club sop refers to the procedures that govern the operations within the children’s facility in the hospitality establishment. Hence giving their parents ample time as they enjoy themselves in hotels and hospitality establishments. Kids clubs resemble modern daycare facility as it is currently known in the education sector. Kids clud vary from a modern playground …

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