Hotel Housekeeping Procedure

Hotel Housekeeping Procedure is a step-by-step set of work instructions and directives on how to perform each and every housekeeping task. This procedure is approved by management, and all housekeeping employees are obliged to follow them to guarantee constancy, accuracy, and quality.

The housekeeping department plays a significant function in the hotel industry. One of the most imperative elements to success in hotels is the level of cleanliness in their rooms. However, guests are not likely to return to a hotel that is not clean and are even less likely to commend it to other people. Hence, most hotels stay away from this by adhering to certain hotel housekeeping operating procedures that guarantee the cleanliness and safe of every guest room. Check out similar articles.

How to Take Care of Hotel Guest Rooms

  • An image of hotel standard guest room - Housekeeping Standard ProcedureMake guestroom corridors spotless, well-lit, tidy, and free from obstruction.
  • Have doors that are free from marks, well-polished, operating smoothly, and in good condition.
  • Rooms should be fresh, free from odor, and well ventilated.
  • Properly functioning windows and door locks that are smoothly and securely locked.
  • Carpeted floor covering that is well-vacuumed and in a good working state.
  • Spotless, and well-painted walls and ceilings without any form of cracking.
  • Spotless, and well-polished furniture without any form of cracking.
  • Totally clean windows as well as glass doors.
  • Shelves and drawers that are free of dust, wreckage, and be in good working condition.
  • Spotless, fresh bed linen in good working condition.
  • Place essential room collateral as per the brand image in the rooms.
  • Hotel brands should provide guests sunset services.
  • Hygienically spotless, dry, as well as neat bathrooms with sufficient guest supplies.
  • Lighting and lampshade that is in good working condition and spotless in that order.
  • Perfectly clean mirrors should that are free of chips without any form of cracking.
  • Handled guests’ property with care and due thoughtfulness to the privacy of the customer.
  • Maintain clean, dry, as well as neat pantries.
  • Very spotless; orderly arranged and well-stocked tea/coffee making facilities according to the brand standards.

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Hotel Housekeeping Procedure | Public Area

  • An image of hotel reception - Public AreaSpotless parking perimeter with all the drainage systems operational.
  • Well-reserved dirt-free gardens and lawns.
  • Dirt-free Walls without any form of cracking, dust, as well as cobwebs.
  • Tightly fixed, spotless, and a polished main door that remains open.
  • Impeccably clean floors must without litter and dust.
  • Fresh, and well-presented, floral arrangements that are well placed as per the requirements.
  • Spotless upholstery covers that are in good working condition.
  • Clean, and well-polished signage that can easily be seen.
  • Dust-free, and freely hanging wall pictures that are correctly placed.
  • Lighting and lampshades that are in a good working state.
  • Spotless, and well-painted ceiling without any form of cracking.
  • Spotless, and well-lit guest elevators that are in good working condition with well-placed adverts.
  • Clean, well-ventilated Elevators in good working condition.
  • Well-fixed door stoppers in all public washrooms.
  • Spotlessly clean washrooms without odor.
  • All guest amenities are in a good working state.
  • Guestroom corridors are clean, well ventilated, and free from hindrance.
  • Well-polished furniture along guest corridors that are positioned accordingly.
  • Well-polished main doors of meeting rooms that are in good condition without cracks.
  • Spotless curtains that are hanging correctly as per the unit specification and in good working condition.
  • Back-to-house areas must be well cleaned, well lit, and free from obstruction.
  • Spotless and neat restaurants with all fixtures in a good working state.
  • Spotless staircases that are well ventilated, and free from hindrance.

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Hotel Housekeeping Procedure | Laundry and Linen

  • An image of a commercial laundry machineObtain patch-up services upon guest request.
  • Smartly place delivered guest laundry on the guest’s bed.
  • Spotless, well-pressed staff uniforms that are in a good operational state.
  • Clean, well-pressed linen that is in a good operational state.
  • Tidy, well-aerated linen rooms at all times, as well as fixtures in a good operational state.
  • Neatly arranged, pantries must that are stocked well.
  • Sort linen as per color, texture, as well as the heaviness of the soiled linen.
  • Clean laundry machines should that are in a good operational state.
  • Knowledgeable laundry staff on the safety measures taken to evade accidents.
  • Clean using the right and correctly measured detergent.

The Bottom-Line

Managers and investors must ensure that the housekeeping division meets and exceeds guests’ expectations throughout their stay in the hotel.

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