Enhancing Customer Service in Hotels

Enhancing customer service is significant for almost all organizations, and more specifically it is a key performance indicator in the hotel business. Therefore, the success of a hospitality business is mainly influenced by the level of customer fulfillment. When customers have an enjoyable experience, they might return in the future. Besides, they share their experience with friends and relatives, bringing in even more sales for the business. However, customers with a negative experience at a hospitality establishment probably won’t come back. In addition, they will not recommend the property to their friends or relatives.

Customers are the key rationale for being in any business. As an entrepreneur, you ought to develop ways in which you would like your customers to experience when they patronize your organization. Keep in mind that, the initial intuition is always the final intuition. Meaning the way a visitor feels when entering a hotel affects his/her general experience during the whole stay in the organization. Nevertheless, these feelings don’t come automatically but rather they need some mechanism. As a proficient service provider, you should enhance them as much as possible. Check out similar articles.

The following are some of the procedures that can be adopted to guarantee a smooth relationship between customers and the general experience in the hospitality business:

Let Your Customers Feel Welcome to the Establishment

Put forward a smile and warm, real greeting at the front door, e.g. “Good Morning. How may I assist you?” Make sure that the desk of the host is facing the entrance and not the back.

Enhancing Customer Service | Let Them Feel Pampered

An image of customer serviceOffer valet parking with someone in charge to hold the door open. Ensure that customers’ coats and umbrellas are collected and securely stored. Besides, have employees pull out chairs for patrons as they seat at a party. Check out how we help hotels achieve their objectives

Let Your Customers Feel Important

Commit to memory and use repeat customers’ names, and salute them with a “welcome back” message. On the other hand, keep track of ordinary customers’ preferences and significant dates.

Enhancing Customer Service | Let Them Feel Relaxed

Ensure that the dining rooms’ warmth, illumination levels, and music are suitable and reliable. Besides, it should spotlessly clean and that fixtures are eye-catching and in good repair condition.

Let Your Customers Feel Entertained

Provide entertainment tableside arrangements or live music, where applicable. In addition, offer a variety of food and beverage items, together with some novel items that are exclusive to your restaurant. Finally, explain them in an attractive way on a menu that is typically appealing.

Enhancing Customer Service | Let Them Feel Relaxed

Ensure that the reservation procedure is clear and well-organized. Give waiters sufficient knowledge about menu items so that they can respond effectively to questions. Besides, they will be able to offer recommendations with confidence. On the other hand, train the staffs well on how to read customers’ body language. This will enable them to address needs that those customers may not express comfortably. Offer professional assistance to diners selecting wine from a sommelier. Check out similar blog posts.

Let Your Customers Feel Satisfied

Ensure that portion sizes are appropriate (neither too big nor too small). Besides, instruct waiters to provide guidance if dinners look like they are ordering too much or too little food.

Enhancing Customer Service | Let Them Feel Appreciated

An image of thank you - Enhancing Customer ServiceUphold a “thank you” mailing list. Request opinions from customers, and carefully pay attention to their responses. The key to all the constituents is that each explicit action can be qualified. For example, you can teach your reservation officer to say “may I put you on hold?” and give the caller time to answer before taking the action. This ensures that prospective guests do not feel as if they have been dismissed or handled impolitely. This is the real meaning of service, doing things that lead to customer satisfaction.

The Bottom-Line

When followed to the letter, these procedures are effective in increasing customer satisfaction. Besides they help enhance the profitability levels within the Hotels.

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