Food And Drinks Service Work Instruction

An image showing food and drinks service

The Food and Drinks Service providers serve food and drinks to their clients at specific locations on-premise such as hotels, and restaurants. Thus, food and drinks services can be defined as the procedure of preparation, presentation, and serving of food and drinks to clients. The food and drinks services segment contributes enormously to the profits … Read more

Food and Beverage Standards | Documented Process

An image of table setup - Food and Beverage Standards

Food and Beverage standards refer to well-documented and organized operational tasks that are mostly focused on guest service delivery. This is important for potential and existing Managers looking for information on the technological aspects of operating procedures. Responsibilities and procedures are set in a rational series and broken down into small components. Besides, it gives … Read more

Room Service SOP | What It Entails

An image of hotel room service table setup

Room Service SOP documents set by step procedures adopted by hotels to enhance service delivery to their customers at the appropriate time and right condition. Room service is a section within the food and beverage division of hotels and resorts. This type of service has been an important part of traveler’s experience in hotels since … Read more