Apple Crepes | Diabetic Recipe

An image of apple crepes

Apple Crepes is a mouth-watering meal that you cannot afford to miss in your daily diet as it can easily be made at home without straining. People suffering from Diabetes always undergo rough times during celebratory seasons. In case you are among them, I advise you to try the remarkable diabetic-friendly apple crepes meal. It … Read more

Guest Departure SOP | The Cycle Ends

An image of guest departure sop

Guest Departure SOP inspects different actions that take place during their checkout as well as on bill settlement. Check-out is done by the reception staff and other related departments like the point of sale, and room service among others. Guest account payment depends on an efficient front office bookkeeping system that keeps correct guest folios. … Read more

Guest Arrival SOP | The Check-In Process

An image of hotel facility front - guest arrival sop

Guest Arrival SOP establishes a welcoming atmosphere while enlightening guests on the available services and amenities. Therefore, guests ought not to walk away with emotions that their inquiries or requests are taxing to the front office staff. Instead, the staff must always show eagerness and gladness to assist. Thus, any issues raised during their occupancy … Read more

Front Office SOP | Step By Step Process

An image of front office sop

Front office SOP addresses everything from the appearance of staff uniforms to creating customer reservations. Therefore, these procedures are critical to the continued financial viability of a hotel. Hotel Front Office is among the many departments in a hotel that interact directly with the guests on arrival. Thus, Departmental staffs are very visible to the … Read more

Service Process In Hotels | Get It Right

An image showing restaurant table setup - service process in hotels

Service Process In Hotels involves all elements of assistance given by employees to enable customers to make an informed decision. Therefore, more efforts are being established by hotels make to attain a satisfactory customer experience for their clients. Hotel and Restaurant Management are jointly packaged as well as recognized as the hospitality industry.  Thus, it … Read more

Internal QMS Audit | Best Practices

An illustration of internal qms audit

Internal QMS Audit assesses all procedures and processes adopted by an organization with an aim of ascertaining conformity to company policies and regulations. Hence, Quality auditing is the methodical assessment of the quality management system (QMS) of an organization. An external or internal quality auditor or audit team conducts the quality audits in an organization. … Read more

Restaurant Menu Engineering | Analyzing Productivity Index

An image showing table setup - restaurant menu engineering

Restaurant Menu Engineering refers to the analysis done to ascertain the profitability and popularity of menu items and how the two influence the menu. The objective is to boost profitability per guest. Whereas restaurant menu engineering is commonly mentioned in the framework of ordinary paper, the idea is equally appropriate to online menus, drink menus, … Read more

Hotel Operations SOP | Basic Etiquette

An image showing table set-up - Hotel operations SOP

Hotel Operations SOP refers to those administrative and functional processes that cut across all departments in the perimeters of the establishment. Many hotels are looking for huge design alterations to conform to the tastes of the current complicated guest’s demands. This means looking beyond the hotel premises and examining other building typologies. This will help … Read more

Honey Glazed Tuna with Parsnip Puree

An image of grilled honey-glazed Tuna with parsnip puree

Honey Glazed Tuna is the most preferred way of preparing tuna because it produces grill marks on the surface of the fish. You should always maintain your focus on the tuna while it is being grilled. The honey glace in this case will make the tune burn easily. In case it flames up, moves it … Read more

Talent Acquisition | Dos and Don’ts

An image showing talent acquisition

Talent acquisition refers to the entire procedure of discovering and obtaining experienced employees to meet organizational goals.  In particular cases, the talent acquisition group is part of the Human Resources department of the company. In others, they have a separate department that is tasked with talent acquisition and works hand in hand with the Human … Read more