Banqueting Service SOP | Synopsis

Banquet Service SOP refers to set standards adopted to cater for occasions, such as weddings, prize-giving ceremonies, and sports dinners among others. The Banquet service style depends on whether you are serving pre-plated food, self-service, or hors d’oeuvres.

Banquet service sop is more complex due to the scope of the occasion or the size of the number of persons in attendance. On the other hand, it differs depending on the event setup. The service type offered depends on the range of the event, menu, as well as bar set-up where applicable.

The gathering room where the experience takes place must show the name of the function and the position indicating whether there is progress in the function. Inform each employee about the adopted service sequence during the briefing assembly ahead of the event.

During the banquet service, all employees are informed of every step of the service series. On the other hand, all necessary equipment must be arranged and cleaned to guarantee a smooth set-up and service delivery. Check out similar articles.

Banquet Service SOP | Step By Step Procedures

Below are step by step procedures that can assist you in improving service delivery to your clients in banqueting service management;

  • An image of guests in group discussion in a banquet - banqueting service sopThe banqueting manager should personally greet and welcome convention organizers, lead them to the conference room, and explain to them the flow of events. At this point, he informs the clients about coffee and tea breaks as well as lunch service.
  • Prominently post the directions to the meeting room and feature the right and precise spelling.
  • As the main contact point, the banqueting manager will ensure that all requested information for the event orders is achieved. These include service of tea and coffee, cookies, meal hours which must be honored. He/she should be physically accessible during meal times so that he can get feedback and implement it as required.
  • Completely position and test all equipment and services 30 minutes before the appointed time. Nevertheless, give special attention to sound systems as well as the use of LCD projector with PowerPoint PC presentations.
  • In circumstances where a group needs equipment that requires a technician, provide the same for the whole day to help in working together with the hiring company.
  • Provide precise, clear, and straightforward directions for details of the use of air-conditioners and lighting controls
  • Positively promote hotel business center services to the organizer.
  • Accurately prepare all food and drinks as per the order and make them ready ahead of the agreed time.

Banquet Service SOP | More Step By Step Procedures

  • The meeting room must have clean glasses, cooled mineral water, flip chart paper as well as writing pads.
  • Clear all dustbins and confirm whether the toilets are dirt-free and clean.
  • Contact the organizer during the day to ascertain whether they require anything. On the other hand, address all additional needs as soon as they arise.
  • Staff members will use carefulness when accessing or leaving meeting rooms in use by guests. They should always remain silent and with no interference.
  • At the end of an event, check the fulfillment of the organizer and ask for their feedback. Bill the guests after doing a physical headcount and compare it with the event order that has the organizer’s sign. This process should take place after the event.
  • Senior management should see off the organizer together with the guests, and give a vote of thanks to him/her for having chosen your hotel as the preferred venue for their function.
  • Allow guests can preview their bill that should be clear and straightforward.
  • Finally, ask the organizer is about future bookings, and agree on the sales leads through approved channels.

The Bottom-line

Present time banquets are fashionably comparable to prehistoric feasts. However, the objective remains the same as in ancient times; that is, to meet, to make merry, and possibly and more significantly, to make an impression. On the other hand, only a few practices of professional banqueters remember the regulations of banquets and celebrations. Nevertheless, the fundamental protocol of banquet serving majorly inclines towards the aim of making an impact on the customers.

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