Food And Drinks Service Work Instruction

The Food and Drinks Service providers serve food and drinks to their clients at specific locations on-premise such as hotels, and restaurants. Thus, food and drinks services can be defined as the procedure of preparation, presentation, and serving of food and drinks to clients.

The food and drinks services segment contributes enormously to the profits in the hospitality industry. With the increased significance of company meetings, individual and corporate events, many clients frequently visit catering organizations. Hence, the food and drinks experts diligently work to strengthen customer experience through their service delivery. Check out similar articles.

Purpose – To provide food and drinks service in an opportune and well-organized manner while making sure that customer satisfaction is attained.

Scope – Applies to all food and drinks preparation, service, as well as sales at the hotel. This includes but is not limited to all deliveries.


  • CO:                             Captain Order
  • Mis-en-place:             Pre-preparation
  • SIN:                            Store Issue Note
  • Waiter:                       Also includes waitress

Responsibility – The Restaurant Manager shall be accountable for the achievement of this procedure.

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Food And Drinks Service | Procedure

  • The waiter requests the necessary items for their mis-en-place from the store by filling in SIN. Besides, the Restaurant Manager authorizes the SIN.
  • The waiter receives the items from the store and signs them accordingly.
  • Waiter conducts their mis-en-place. This includes table laying, cleaning, polishing crockery and cutlery, filling cruets, as well as arranging.
  • The chef communicates the menu to waiters.
  • The waiter checks the menu to get a full comprehension of the dishes, methods of cooking, garnishes e.t.c.

Welcoming And Taking Guest’s Order

  • An illustration of a waiter taking guest's order - food and drinks service
    An illustration of a waiter taking a guest’s order

    The waiter welcomes the customer (s) at the restaurant and helps to sit them.

  • The waiter presents the menu to the customer; allowing time for them to make their choices. Besides, he or she takes them through the menu.
  • For the manual system, the waiter takes their order in triplicate from the left-hand side of the guest. Besides, he/she offers suggestions, advice on the menu and translates any items if necessary.
  • The waiter takes the top copy to the kitchen and presents it to the chef, second copy to the guest as bill and retained by the cashier after payments have been done.
  • For the digitalized system, the waiter takes the order on an order pad from the left-hand side of the guest. Besides, he/she offers suggestions/advice on menu items as necessary.
  • The waiter proceeds to the point of sale and posts the order into the system. On the other hand, copies of the order are sent by design to the relevant service delivery points.
  • During payment, the cashier retrieves and closes the bill from the system as per the hotel billing procedures. Check out similar blog posts.

Food And Drinks Service | Duties Of The Waiter

  • An image of a waiter attending to a customer - food and drinks service
    An image of a waiter attending to a customer

    The waiter places the cutlery and flatware required to serve the meal on the table.

  • The waiter serves the beverages and meal to the customer.
  • In case the client declines the food presented, the waiter returns it to the kitchen for annulment by the chef.
  • The waiter gives the guest a substitute and creates a new captain order for a manual system or an automated order for the digitalized system.
  • The waiter clears the cutlery and flatware after meal consumption and crumbs down.
  • He or she gives the customer the second copy of CO in case of manual billing. Alternatively, in the case of the digitalized system, he/she presents a printed bill from the cashier
  • The waiter provides a receipt and balance to the guest while surrendering a printed bill to the cashier.
  • He or she presents a feedback form to the customer to fill and drops it in the suggestion box.
  • For the manual billing, the cashier retains a copy for records and reconciliation purposes.
  • For the digitalized system, the cashier retains the carbonated copy of the paid bill to use in reconciling the sales summary report with paid bills.
  • The waiter cleans the table and relays if necessary.
  • The waiter bids the customers farewell and thanks to them for their patronage.

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