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Butler Service | Magnificent Experience In Hotels

Butler Service is a signature experience offered to clients in a hotel room or on a cruise ship with tailored interest to your needs. The Butler name originally referred to the person is responsible for the wine cellar and served liquors. The terminology is derived from the Middle English ‘bottler’, as well as from old French bouteillier, ‘bottle bearer’.

The butler is a significant aspect of a team of experts doing their best to provide excellent tailored service that goes beyond customer expectations.  Besides, he adds his characteristics to improve hotel room service. A qualified butler should be tactful, positive, and able to speak freely with the values. He should also retain a professional demeanor at all times. In the hospitality industry where service is the main differentiator, it makes sense to introduce specialized butler service.

In the European Countries, ‘Butler’ meant precisely a bottle bearer. However, over time the meaning altered to an official of the crown, who was in charge of the wine.  Although male servers have been engaged globally, it was the British Butler who changed this profession into a form of art. This became the standard procedure in this field. Check out similar articles.

Butler Service | Why It Is Essential In The Luxury Market

The Butler today involves all the service, supervision, dealing, organizing, and producing aspects of any luxury Hotel. Hotel Butlers are the embodiment of magnificence services as many Hotels, Resorts, and Luxury accommodation get the best care services. The butler is the best-designated person to help you with all of your hospitality requests. They are capable of arranging certain menu items, exclusive cleaning and room care, tour preparations, etc.

The majority of 5-star hotels and resorts provide butler services for customers residing in the most luxurious rooms or suites. While it is undoubtedly a luxurious touch to have personalized service from devoted service personnel, the real thought of using a butler can be fairly overwhelming. This is particularly if you are unsure of the type of services they provide.

In short, hotel butlers take care of the needs of customers within their rooms. These include unloading luggage as well as ironing clothes. On the other hand, a concierge is accountable for any guest requests outside the room, e.g. eating place reservations and booking tickets. Nevertheless, the real responsibilities depend on the demands at a specific resort or hotel.

Butler Service | Step By Step Procedures

  • The butler should always be ready, neat and in clean, acceptable uniform on guest arrival.
  • Acknowledge the guest within 30 seconds of arrival with eye contact, a warm friendly smile, and a verbal greeting.
  • Serve welcome drink of garnished fruit cocktail at the reception using a silver tray.
  • Escort the guests to the presidential suite in the company of the guest relations officer, front office manager, or the duty manager.
  • Explain the facilities and features of the suite on arrival to the presidential suite.
  • Place the guest’s bags in the respective rooms according to their preference and an offer to unpack the bags and hang clothing.
  • Ask the guest if they would like any clothes ironed for immediate use.
  • Inquire from the guest on their favorite daily dining plans and if they would like to reserve a table at the seafood restaurant.
  • Serve tea on the terrace of the presidential suite unless specified otherwise by the customer.
  • Serve all room service orders in the presidential suite on the terrace unless specified otherwise by the customer.
  • Provide the guest with a fruit mountain on daily basis.
  • Provide turndown service at 8.00 am daily with chocolate mints and mineral water being left in the room.
  • After turndown, accompany the guests to the reception, thank and wish them an enjoyable journey.

The Bottom-Line

A butler answers call and greet customers at the entrance. Besides, he helps planning banquet and dinner parties, supervise table settings, and serve food and drinks. On the other hand, and more importantly, they supervise the wine cellar. In some hotels, he is responsible for supervising other employees.

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