Bar Service SOP | Step By Step Procedures

Bar Service SOP refers to the counter on which the personnel place liquor and other drinks for bartenders to take to their clients. Every bar service has specialized bartenders, ice, and non-alcoholic beverages. On the other hand, alcohol selling bars also dispense beer, wine, juice, cocktails as well as condiments.

Bar service personnel greet and welcome clients, take and process all drink orders. On the other hand, they team up together with other service staff to serve beverages and cocktails as well as collect payment from clients. Besides, characteristically, bar service personnel are also accountable for assisting in keeping the bar and restaurant areas clean.

A bar is a retail business enterprise that serves drinks, such as beer, wine, liquor, cocktails, as well as other non-alcoholic beverages. On the other hand, the term “bar” refers to the countertop area where drinks are dispensed. Bars provide stools and/or seats that are positioned at tables or counters for their clients. Bars offering entertainment or live music are mostly referred to as music bars or nightclubs. Types of bars vary from simple lounge to elegant places of amusement. Check out similar articles.

Bar Service SOP | General Set-Up

An image of a bartender mixing a cocktail - bar service sopThe majority of bars offer promotional periods branded as “happy hour” to promote off-peak-time visitors. Full bars sometimes put into practice the least amount of drink purchase prerequisite during their peak hours. Bars may employ bouncers to make sure that customers are of legal age, get rid of drunk or quarrelsome clients. Such bars often offer amusement like a live band, vocalist, one-man guitar, or playing recorded music.

Step By Step Procedures

Pledge:  to offer a lively and amusing, atmosphere in a tranquil setup.

  • Acknowledge the customer 30 seconds on arrival with eye contact, a warm friendly smile, and a verbal greeting, either by the barman or waiter.
  • Asked the customer for his/her favorite sitting position.
  • The waiter or barman enthusiastically approaches the guests within 30 seconds of seating.
  • Offer both cocktail and beverage lists and explain and up-sell promotional items.
  • Invite the guest to place their order.
  • Serve drink orders are within 3 minutes of ordering. Pour for the customers all drinks from bottles. Set down all drinks and bottles on clean ‘branded hotel coasters.’
  • Provide crisps/nuts to all guests upon the initial drink order from 6.00 pm.
  • Ask the guest whether they wish to order any snacks.
  • If any food is ordered, serve within 20 minutes of ordering, unless otherwise pointed out by the customer.
  • Check guest satisfaction within 15 minutes after order delivery.
  • Serve dessert, tea, or coffee within 3 minutes of the order.
  • Immediately remove all empty bottles and glasses from the tables.
  • Offer additional drinks every time there is ¼ of the drink remaining in the glass. Besides, immediately remove empty bottles and glasses from the service area.
  • Clear ashtrays when they have no more than 2 butts in the ashtray at a time.
  • Present the correct bill to the customers within 4 minutes of request and appreciate them by name when receiving their payment.
  • Return the change within 5 minutes of payment.
  • On departure, thank the guests for patronage and wished them a pleasant day/evening.

The Bottom-line

A number of bars offer service only; therefore they don’t serve their clients expressly. In its place, the service personnel order and picks up beverages and serve the customers at the comfort of their seats. On the other hand, full-service bars provide beverages together with a restricted or complete food menu.

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