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Guest Relations SOP ensures an enjoyable and fulfilling stay in a hotel as it stipulates all front desk operations procedures. Therefore, key personnel responsible for implementing this sop are the Guest Relations Officer (GRO). Besides, they handle guest complaints, help in the check-in process as well as explaining all facility amenities, such as pool areas and dining areas among others.

Guest Relations SOP | The Officer Incharge

The guest Relations Officer (GRO) is among the first hotel workers to greet guests as they arrive. He/she provides hotel guests with excellent service to enhance their experience. Besides, the GRO gives each guest personal recognition during service delivery. Even though a GRO would not be able to memorize the names of all the hotel guests at a given time, they should remember a hotel guest’s name after two transactions.

Most people would prefer to stay in a hotel or other establishments with similar services. However, during vacations, one thing that people may remember is their general experience. Hence, such experience provides a basis for the engagement of repeat clients. How they were treated as hotel guests will give them the whole impression of the hotel. Besides, the responsibility rests upon the Guest Relations Officer.  Read more on SOPs

The GRO reviews the arrival list daily and assists in preparing and distributing welcome amenities. In addition, he/she attends promptly to customers’ inquiries and assists them with their needs. Nevertheless, they log in to the day’s activities in a logbook to ensure that the next person on duty is familiar with everything that needs extra attention.

GROs are always present in the hotel lobby and should maintain proper decorum at all times. They should respond quickly to calls in case he or she is not at his or her post. On the other hand, he or she also promotes all the facilities of the hotel and knows the surrounding areas when asked for directions. The GRO should also be familiar with the best places to tour, shop, and dine.

Stet By Step Guest Relation SOP For Hotels;

Your pledge: To maintain contact and be available to meet the guest’s needs.

  • An image of hotel receptionists at the counter - guest relations sopAssociates shall introduce themselves to the guest.
  • Escorte the VIPs to the room and brief them on the different facilities and how they function.
  • 15 – 60 minutes after check-in, the GRO ensures that the guests are contacted to establish whether they like the room.
  • Make a follow-up on the guest the following morning to find out how he is enjoying his stay at the hotel.
  • Throughout their stay, maintain personal and telephone contact is to ensure that the guests are comfortable.
  • Contact the long-staying guests at least once per day.
  • All VIPs are highlighted by GRO and given welcome letters.
  • Certain categories of VIPs receive fruit baskets, flowers, and house wine as indicated by the GRO.

Honeymooners Any Weddings

  • Immediately after a wedding, the GRO congratulates the guest is and given a love-shaped gift.
  • Offer the guests a complimentary candlelit dinner at a venue of their choice within the hotel.
  • Provide a complimentary upgrade to a deluxe room on availability. Serve champagne breakfast in bed the following morning.
  • Give flowers, cake, house wine, and a complimentary dinner to contracted guests on the honeymoon.
  • The GRO gives a cake to non-contracted guests on honeymoon on arrival in their rooms.

Show Around

  • The GRO should take guests on show-around through the prescribed route.
  • Give back tickets bought for confirmation will to the guest on the same day. Communicate the flight to the guest within 8 hours.

The Bottomline | Guest Relations SOP

Each hotel has different guest relations standards formulated by top management. Most hotels invest more in guest relations as a taping point for the potential business. As the hotelier, making efforts to value every minute spent by your guest goes a long way in meeting and exceeding their expectations. This calls for the need to embrace guest relations brand standards.

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